Call42 is an easy way to convert your visitors into real customers.

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Why use Call42 for your website?

Build a connection with your customers.

Developed for our own business

Call42 was originally developed for our own site with great care to make it flexible, convenient, easy to use and robust solution.

It's Not Expensive

You have 42 free notifications monthly. Email digest is always free. Beyond that you only pay for what you actually use.

Get Started in Minutes

Getting started with Call42 is incredibly easy. You can have a callback widget on your site set up and running in minutes!

You can use it to engage your customers, keep track of callback requests, connect your Asterisk-based call center to your website...

What Clients Said

Improve your website conversion with the great tool

  • Easy setup: Sign up, register your website, get widget code and insert it on your website. Few minutes and you are ready to receive callback requests from your customers.

  • Smart customer engagement: we use special algorithms to analyze the customer behavior on your website and suggest to make a callback request if the visitor is interested in your product.

  • Convenient notifications: you can use what works better to you and get an notification with customer's phone number as SMS, twitter direct message, jabber notification or a direct call via Asterisk.

Robust and scalable

Call42 is built on top of Amazon AWS to be robust and scalable. It works great for both small websites and big, heavy loaded sites.

Get more customers today

Call42 starts bringing new customers immediately. Try it now, it's free and easy.